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Clan Nesbitt/Nisbet Tartan Material Now Available

The Modern Nesbitt/Nisbet tartan pattern is available in an 11/12 oz. polyester viscose blend and is perfect for making a kilt, home decor, and more. Hint: In calculating the amount of material needed for a kilt, the pattern "set" is 5 1/2"

The material is 60 inches in width and costs $45.00 per yard, plus shipping and is now available in the online store.

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We invite everyone who has an interest in their Nesbitt-Nisbet heritage and/or a general interest in genealogy to become a member of the N/N Society of North America. Members do not have to be a Nesbitt/Nisbet descendant in order to join our Society. Annual dues are only $25.00. N/N members receive many benefits, including I Byde It Times, the quarterly society newsletter, dynamic member directory, full access to the discussion forums, and more.

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