Our Genealogy Consultant - Irene Hall

Irene Hall

Irene Hall, a member of the N/N Society for nearly 20 years, has offered to be our current genealogy consultant. As well as researching her own family roots for some 20 years, she spent three years as our newsletter editor, and for 18 years has been a volunteer librarian at her local Latter Day Saints (LDS) Family History Center. Although much of her research has been in Scottish records, she is willing to offer help to you in your research whatever it might be. She may not be able to answer all your questions, but she may at least be able to make some suggestions as to where you might find what you need.

Before we process any genealogical requests you must be an active member of the Society. All information that is obtained by our Genealogist is a matter of public record and collected from public websites.

It is our policy to assist anyone that is of Nesbitt/Nisbet (N/N) ancestry. The information that is gathered is a matter of public record, andis kept solely to assist other N/N descendants.

Please DO NOT EXPECT us to keep any information that is requested private; however, no personal information is ever given out about living persons.

Please make free copies of this pedigree chart to help you with your research. As an active member of the N/N Society, we ask that you take the time to complete this chart to the best of your ability and send it to Irene at