Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm probate 1813 - 1826

David Nisbett Esq
In the name of God Amen I David Nisbett heretofore of Great Marlsborough Street in the parish of Saint James in the county of Middlesex Surgeon but now of Kew Cottage Kew Green in the parish of St Anns Kew in the county of Surrey Esq being of Sound mind and bodily health publish my last will and testament.
That all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and satisfied by my Executors hereafter named and I hereby confirm the settlement made previously to my marriage with my now wife in all and every particular thereof also
I give and bequeath to my wife Sophia Nisbett and my son David Nisbett all those my eight shares to hold the same unto my wife and son David Nisbett upon trust and my wife shall have the interest Dividends profits and proceeds thereof rest of her natural life for her sole use
to my wife Sophia Nisbett all my household goods and furniture and all my plate china and linen of every kind and also all my pictures busts prints with all my books(medical books excepted) to and for her own absolute use and benefit.
to David Nisbett all my medical and Botanical books and manuscripts and also my gold watch with a second hand with the scale and trinkets pendant thereinto for his own absolute use and benefit.
to my grandson David Bowman the sum of fifty pounds.
She shall not sell or dispose of the same. I bequeath the six several and respective numbers or shares into my daughter Sophia Nisbett to her executors and administrators to her and their own use and benefit.
I give and bequeath to my wife Sophia Nisbett and my said son David Nisbett and the survivor of them or their executors administrators and assignees upon trust after my deceased absolutely sell and dispose of such parts aforesaid by public auction or private at their discretion for the best price to be had.
He then requests trusts of one thousand pounds Sterling to be made and invested and the annual interest profit dividends be paid out to each of his daughters
I bequeath the same to my son David Nisbet upon trust for the sole and separate use of mydaughters
Harriett the wife of John Betts of the old City Chambers Bishops gate Street in the city of London merchant to and
Maria Bowman wife of Michael Bowman of Scarley Street Cavendish Square in the county of Middlesex Surgeon
Daughter Sophia
for their personal and absolute use a benefit independently of any present or any future husband and so as that the same may not be subject or liable to his debts I bequeath the same to my son David Nisbet to and for his own absolute use and all the rest and residue and remainder of my goods and Chattels money and securities after payment of my debts and funeral expenses
After daughters death it goes to their legitimate children lawfully begotten shall be divided equally among them share and share alike and such grandchildren to take in equal shares and portions their parents would have been entitled to if they lived to be paid at coming of age twenty one or at marriage for the daughters which ever shall happen first
I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my dear wife Sophia Nisbett and My said son David Nisbett Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament 27 April 1813
Proved at London 22th September 1826 before the ……David Saliesbury Dr of Laws by the oath of David Nisbett Esq the son the surviving executor.

Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm 1865

27 Oct 1865 David Nisbett effects under £7000 Resworn at the stamp office May 1866 under £5000 probate of David Nisbett late of West Brixton in the county of Surrey deceased who died 13 Aug 1865 at West Brixton aforesaid was proved at the Principal registry by the oaths of David Nisbett of West Brixton aforesaid gentleman and Archibald Nisbet of West Brixton aforesaid gentleman the sons the executors

Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm 1788 sasine

Ayr 1788 Sasine at Ayr the 18th Jan 1788 DAVID Nisbett Esqr., on the 4th Dec 1787 appeared William Brown as attorney for and in name and behalf of DAVID Nisbett Esqr., of GREENHOLM residing in LONDON. Hugh Brown weaver in Newmilnes as Baillie The attorney Mr. Brown presented a Disposition and act of alienation made and granted by Archibald Nisbett of SORNHILL Esquire heritable proprietor sold to the said DAVID Nisbett and his heirs HERITABLE property all and whole the 20 shilling lands of old extent of Easter AUCHINRUGLAND commonly called CROSSTREES with the house biggings and yard etc with the liberty of pasturage and other liberties in the GALSTON MUIR belonging to the said lands including SIGGIEHOLM which formerly belonged to the West most 20s lands of AUCHINRUGLAND and are now annexed to Easter Auchinrugland which belonged heritable to the deceased ROBERT Nisbett father of the said GEORGE Nisbett

Reserving the road to the west most 20s of of Easter Auchinrugland which belonged heritably to deceased ROBERT Nisbet father of the said GEORGE and were sold and feued out by him to Hugh Young in Parkerston

Also all and hail that half acre of croft land called the third 20s land of Auchinrugland now separate there from and annexed to the 20s lands of Easter Auchinrugland which was sold and feued out to the said GEORGE Nisbett by his said father and ARCHD Nisbett of GREENHOLM his brother all in the parish of Galston Ayr Signed 22 November 1787 -NAS RS14/32/23