Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm sasine 1726

RS14/8 f. 55
Registered at Ayr on the 7 March 1726 by George Mitchell merchant in Klimarnock
On the 11 January 1726, Sasine presented by John Mitchell portioner of Newmilns and indweller as baillie
James Wilson portioner and wright in Newmilns acting as actuary for Archibald Nisbet of Greenholm
Had in his hands a disposition and precept of Seasing made and granted by now deceased John Mair of Loudounhill alias Meekle Loudounhill to Barbara Nisbet then his spouse now spouse to James Roberstoun of Wandlockhead of the date 30 Dec 1714 in favor of Barbara Nisbet in case of her surviving him her heirs assignees whatsoever heritably all and hail two tenements of land called John ffrews tenement and acres of land annexed to the one tenement lying between the tenement sometime of deceased Hugh Walker on the West and the tenement of deceased Murdoch Loudoun and then of William ffleming on the East and the Kings Street of the said burgh on the south parts sometime possessed by William Campbell merchant now by James Meekle merchant and James Campbell wright and the other of the said tenements lying in the said burgh between the tenement of deceased Thomas Kirkland then of John and James Kirkland on the west
The said Barbara Nisbet with consent to and in favour of Archibald Nisbet his heirs and assignees irredeemable Property of the said deceased John Mair a disposition made and granted to Barbara Nisbet his spouse she disponed the lands to her brother
Also includes another Disposition in name of said Barbara Nisbet that was to be kept by to Robert Nisbet of Greenholm Witnesses James Boswell of Auchinleck advocate John Boswell writer in Edinburgh his brother was also given to Archibald Nisbet her brother

Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm sasine 1730

RS14/8 f 321
Registered at Ayr on the fourth day of June 1731 presented by Robert Patterson writer in Kilmarnock
Instrument 16 April 1731 compeared John Nisbet in Knavocklaw as baillie with gentleman Lieut William Nisbet in the Royal navy son to Robert Nisbet of Greenholm as Acturney specially constitute by Archibald Nisbet of Carfin whose power of actorney was clearly known Lieut William Nisbet having and holding a certain precept of sasine known as a precept of Clare constat made and granted by Earle Hugh earl of Loudoun Lord Mauchiline immediate lawfull superior of the lands underwritten in favour of Archibald Nisbet of Carfin and which 1st precept Lieut William Nisbet delivered to the said John Nisbet baillie requiring him to put the same to execution
Documents and instrument of sasine clearly manifested evidently made known that deceased Mr Archibald Nisbet writer of the signet father of Archibald Nisbet of Carfin died last vest (died last vest -means when he died he was in possession of the property nothing to do with time of death) lands commonly called the Byre of Bankhead sometime possessed by by Matthew Brown now by Hugh Brown being a part and pertinent to the 3 merkland of the extent of Bankhead and also the four merk and 40 penny lands of extent of Glenns acquired by the deceast Mr Archibald Nisbet from Robert Lockart of Bankhead lying within the regality of Loudon Sheriffdom of Ayr and that Arch Nisbet bearer hereof is lawfull son nearest heir of Mr Arch Nisbet
Sasine was given 22 October 1730

Re: Documentation NN of Greenholm sasine 1735

RS13/9 f 19
Registered at Ayr on the seventh day of March 1735 presented by Mungo Muir in Kilmarnock
Sasine to gentleman George Nisbet of Easter Auchinrugland son to the laird of Greenholm had in his hands a heritable disposition containing a precept of sasine granted to him by Hugh Young portioner of Auchinrugland infeft George Nisbett his heirs and assignees 20s land of old extent of Easter Auchrugland including three roods and thirty eight falls of greens called Guillieland Syde and Wattland formerly a part of the lands of Parkerstown were excumbered and interchanged by deceased John Balletyne of Bankhead and this Hugh Young and disponed and franchised lands of Parkerstown and annexed to Hugh Young his 20s land Contract of Excambion dated 4 Nov 1710
RS13/9 f 19b
Registered at Ayr on the seventh day of March 1735 presented by Mungo Muir in Kilmarnock
Instrument 25 Jan 1735 John Packer in Nether Dalloy as baillie for precept of Sasine gentlewoman Grizzell McCulloch spouse to George Nisbet of Easter Auchinrugland called alias Corstrees holding in her hand a Bond of liferent if she survives him and for all her days and in case of a second marriage will lose the liferent
Sasine among witnesses Robert Nisbet in Newmilns brother to the said George Nisbet