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. 1773 1 Apr DAVID Nisbett, Doctor of Physic of Saint Martins in the Fields , MIDDLESEX
David Nisbett Dr. of Physick In the name of God Amen I Doctor DAVID Nisbett of GREENHOLM living in the Ffields in the Parish of SAINT MARTINS IN FFIELDS and Liberty of Westminister Doctor of physic being in bodily health and of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding Blessed being God for it But considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time and hour thereof do for the settling of my temporal affairs and for preventing of any dispute that may happen amongst my relations after my decease to writing the same. I do make public and declare this to be my last will and testament and I Do nominate and appoint my two nephews DAVID and ARCHIBALD Nisbett and Mr. Leonard Tresilian murer? executors of this my last and only will I give to Mr. Leonard Tresilian Twenty pounds for his trouble in advising my nephews properly how to art? and Discharge the trust annuities in them I give Dr James Shena Surgeon ten pounds for mourning I give MEADE Nisbett’s widow twenty pounds and to each of her children (asshall be living at the time of my death) ten pounds for mourning I give my nephew HUGH, my nieces CATHARINE and ANN…?CAMPBELLS to each a genuine Mourning ring I give ROBERT WHARTON fifty pounds I give to JOSEPH Nisbett two hundred pounds I give to BARBRA MAIR-- or PORTER thirty pounds to DAVID PORTER her son ten pounds I give CATHARINE Nisbett my niece fifty pounds I give EUPHAME MAXWELL fifty pounds and to her daughter JENNY twenty pounds I give to GRIZEL CAMPBELL thirty pounds I give to MRS ELIZABETH KINCAID twenty pounds yearly as long as she lives over and above a testament as I have given her of seventy pounds in the bank annuities of 1730?-at 3 ½ percent I give my nephew JAMES Nisbett son of my brother ARCHIBALD two hundred pounds I give to ROBERT Nisbett son of ARCHIBALD Nisbett according to a disposition as I have made unto him all the lands of GREENHOLM AUCHENRINGLAND as also all lands as I have purchased since on or about the GREENHOLM or elsewhere to him his heirs male and in default of heirs male I give it to JAMES Nisbett and his heirs male and in default of heirs male I give it to DAVID Nisbett and his heirs male and then I give it to ARCHIBALD Nisbett his heirs male and then to DAVID NISBETT DOBIE son of my niece CATHERINE DOBIE his heirs male they bearing the name of Nisbett only and lastly I give to my grandnephew DAVID CAMPBELL son of my niece MARY CAMPBELL and his heirs male I give to my niece MARY CAMPBELL fifty pounds and to her son DAVID CAMPBELL I give twenty pounds I give to my nephew DAVID NISBET DOBIE fifty pounds
First I ? and my precious soul to my dear god who give it to me and I hope for forgiveness and remission of all my sins through the death and sufferings of my Lord and Savior Great Jesus Christ I desire my executors that my body may be put into a coffin lined with lead and deposited in my vault or Tomb the late SIR THOMAS RIENTOUN by the remains of my dear wife MARGARET Nisbett in the Colledge Ground or burying place of Chelsea Colledge in a genteal and becoming manner at the discretion of my executors before named I give to GEORGE and WILLIAM Nesbitt sons of my nephew ROBERT Nisbett ten pounds to each Lastly after my debts if any and ffuneral expences as also the annuities and legacies as I have ordered and directed to be paid are all paid and satisfied then I give and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my------?? Real or personal of what kind or quality whatsoever in government temrilys??? Or else where unto my loving nephews DAVID Nisbett and ARCHIBALD Nisbett share and share alike and I revoke and make void all other wills byme at any time here to fore made and declare this to be my only last will and testament and all of my own hand writing at LONDON 6 ffebruary 1773
I order and direct that all the furniture and the goods in my two pair of?airs may be given to Mrs. ELIZABETH KINCAID and for her is ……possession of them during her natural life and I give to Mr. ARCHIBALD Nisbett the lease of my house and the goods so in it to him and his sons forever as also I give him my Gold watch and gold seal I give to my grandnephews GEORGE and WILLIAM Nisbett ten pounds to each I give to my servant Mary Bellas ten pounds for her troubles in attending me In witness David Nisbett where of I have --- set my hand and seal published and declared by the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have ------subscribed our names at his request and in the presence of each other (-- Reeves, Alexr Palmer. Richard Andrews)
This will was proven at London the first day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy three before the worshipful George Isay also Doctor of Laws master commissary of the prerogative court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oaths of David Nisbett Archibald Nisbett the nephews of the deceased and Leonard Tresilian the executors named in the said will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased they having been first sworn duty to administer -NA England will Ref PROB 11/987.

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Ayr 1788 1 Feb DAVID Nisbet Greenholm ROBT Jamaica 1 Feb 1788
Ayr 1 Feb. 1788 sasine registered William Brown appearing as attorney in name and behalf of DAVID Nisbett Esq now of Greenholm Surgeon in London.
Hugh Brown weaver in Newmilns acting as Baillie
The said Wm Brown attorney presented a disposition signed and made by ROBERT Nisbett of Greenholm in the county of Ayr residing in the Island of JAMAICA eldest son of the deceased ARCHIBALD Nisbett of Greenholm made over assigned and disponed to the said DAVID Nisbett his brother German and to his heirs whomsoever all and whole the 40s land of old extent of GREENHOLM also all and whole 40s of AUCHINRUGLAND
Witnessed by David Murray of the parish of Westmoreland in the Island of Jamaica planter
Written by said David Murray at Masemure in parish of Westmoreland Jamaica the 23 June 1787
The said ROBERT Nisbett his predecessors and authors or heirs or suscessors and way had or could a claim Reserving always ROBERT Nisbett his own liferent in and enjoyment of the said lands to him at any time of his life –NAS RS14-32-29

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Ayr 1788 1 Feb 1788 12 Mar 1782 3 lb 16s 8p lands of TULLOCH
Sasine DAVID Nisbett Esq Ayr 1 Feb 1788 sasine presented by James Crichton and registered the 5th day of Dec 1787 in the lands of TULLOCH and other lands after mentioned William Brown son of William Brown writer in Kilmarnock as attorney for DAVID Nisbett esq of GREENHOLM surgeon in Great Marlboro St LONDON subscribing with him Thomas Robertson as Baillie by clare constat granted by John Manchope writer to the signet for the Right Honorable Hugh Earl of Marchmont superior of the lands made in favor of said DAVID Nisbett infefting him in the lands after mentioned as brother german and nearest lawfull heir to the deceased ROBT Nisbett of GREENHOLM The tenor of the said precept recorded in the of council and session 12 March 1782 ROBERT Nisbett of GREENHOLM brother German of the said DAVID Nisbett Esq. now of GREENHOLM died last vest and the whole the three pound sixteen shilling and eight penny land of old extent of TULLOCH with houses biggings yeards parts pendicles tenants tenandries service of tenants and pertinent some time possessed by William ---and John --- his brother and John Paterson thereafter by -- lying within the parish of Galston baillary Kylestewart and sheriffdom of Ayr also whole that land and meddow with the pertinent extenting to four acres of land belonging to the thirty shilling land of old extent of Colgove marched and bounded as follows the stepwell down the Green march between the lands of Sornhill belonging to Bankhead and from the westend of that green March straight through the Plow ground about two …. South of all green ground of the top of the old hillfoot and from then straight southwest to the lands of Nether Longside belonging to Sornbegg upon the North and the said lands of nether Longside on the west and the said lands of Colgove on the south and east parts of the said four acres of land the said DAVID Nisbett is brother german and nearest and lawfull heir to the said deceased ROBERT Nisbett his brother and that he is of lawfull age feufarm fee and yearly payment sum of fifteen pounds six shillings and eight penny at two terms a year in equal portions and paying simply the foresaid feu duty the first year of entry of every heir to the foresaid lands and likewise performing three …. At the three head courts of the Lordship of Cessnock yearly held at the town of Galston provided that the said David Nisbett and his heirs shall lawfully warned to the said courts as accords the law also carrying the grain growing on the said lands of Tulloch to the corn mill of Priestland etc Registered in the books of council subscribed at Edinburgh 26 Nov 1787-1788 RS14/32/34 sasine 1 Feb 1788.

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Ayr 1788 16 May DAVID Nisbet Esq clare constat by Alex Farquhar nearest lawfull son deceased ROBT Nisbet by ARCH Nisbet of SORNHILL attorney tenement of land NEWMILNS 24 acres of land in BROOMHILL sometime belonging to WILLIAM Nisbet and annexed to foresaid tenement acquired by him from deceased JAMES Nisbett of GREENHOLM granted to deceased ARCHIBALD Nisbet 18 Jan 1724 DAVID Nisbet brother and nearest heir deceased ROBT Nisbet- NAS RS14/32/180 sasine 16 May 1788.

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Ayr 1788 4 Oct ROBERT Nisbett, Planter of Westmorland in the County Cornwall , JAMAICA
ROBERT Nisbett parish of WESTMORELAND County CORNWALL Island JAMAICA planter made this will 7 June 1787 bequeaths to DAVID MURRAY and JOHN GRAHAM both planters and his executors of said parish 20 pounds to buy a mourning ring
I bequeath to a free mulatto woman names ANNEY GORDON lately … William Berkford Esq the following negro and other slaves that is to say in fact Anney and her two children named Adam and Rodury Billy Magg Jaffrey Clyde and Agnes? together with fifteen acres of my land situate at the Cair? In the said parish to be laid out next paradise line on which said fifteen acres of land it is my request and I do order that a house be built by my executors at the expense of my estate not to exceed value of one hundred pounds to have and to hold the slave before names with their issue and the said fifteen acres of land with the house during the time of her natural life and immediately after her decease it is my will and desire that the slaves revert to and become a part of the residue of my estate I hereby give and devise the rest of my estate to free mulatto daughter of the said Anney Gordon named Elisabeth Gordon a Negro girl slave named Peggy for the rest of her natural life and for the natural life of her children if she has any and immediately after her death revert to the residue of my estate
I further bequeath the said Anney Gordon an annuity or yearly sum of thirty pounds to be paid yearly and every year during her life but subject to the control of my executors and to be discontinued if the said Anney Gordon shall…herself with any person who to them shall seem improper all the rest and residue of my estate in the said island of Jamaica (my household furniture wearing apparel which I gave to the said Anney Gordon bequeath the same to David Murray and John Graham and the survivor of them
I give and bequeath to my reputed son by the said ANNEY GORDON named ROBERT Nisbett the sum of two thousand pounds currency and to my reputed son by the said ANNEY GORDON named ARCHIBALD Nisbett the sum of two thousand pounds and to the reputed son of my deceased brother JAMES Nisbett by MARY RICHMOND in Scotland the sum of two thousand pounds The remainder of the said monies if any I give and bequeath to the said David Murray and John Graham my executors. But if the monies should not be sufficient to pay ROBERT ARCHIBALD and JAMES Nisbet the said sum of two thousand pounds then it is my will and desire that the monies be shared between them share and share alike signed Robert Nisbett
I William Dunlop Esq. Secretary and notary public Jamaica do hereby certify and attested by me is a true copy of thelast will and testament and probate subjoined of JAMES Nesbitt late of the parish of WESTMORELAND carpenter deceased as the said will and probate remain in my office
Copy of last will and testament subjoined of ROBERT Nisbett late of the parish of Westmoreland planter deceased as said will
On the fourth day of October 1788 administration of the will annexed of all the goods chattels and credits of ROBERT Nisbet bachelor was granted to DAVID Nisbett Esq. the natural and lawful brother and next of kin
8 May 1789 Administration of the will granted to Thomas Wildman Jamaica as lawful attorney of DAVID MURRAY and JOHN GRAHAM Esq. The letters of administration of the said deceased granted in October last to DAVID Nisbett squire the natural and lawful brother and next of kin of the said deceased having been first enrolled and declared null and void by the Court This is a long will with many additions as to administration have only extracted the information. It appears that David in England started the administration of his brother’s estate then the will came to life and then the executors named in the will we regranted administration and David’s letter of administration was declared null and void -NA England will Ref PROB 11/1171