4th Annual Smith Co., TN Nesbitt reunion

Another great Nesbitt reunion was held in August in Smith Co., TN this year! We had about 35-40 Nesbitt's attend, down a little from last year's 50-60. In Smith Co. alone, there are well over 100 Nesbitt's, and they are all descended from John Maxwell Nesbitt who settled in that area in the 1850's, and was originally from NC.

Many great cooks bring their favorite dishes to share, and quite a few have home grown vegetables to share. The event is held in a huge building called the Carver Barn, located just across from the Defeated Creek campground on the Cumberland River. It's a great location and the scenic drive from Carthage to Defeated Creek is beautiful! Special thanks go to Jr. Nesbitt and his wife Vickie for organizing it, and to Amanda McCormick for creating the FaceBook event page. Society member Irene Nesbitt Petree attended once again, and brought along her "honorary" Nesbitt cousin Katie Kelso, who enjoyed the event just as much as everyone else! Families bring their photo albums to share, so everyone can see the extended family and how it all began. This has become an annual event and is on the calendar the same 3rd Sunday in August. So spread the word and invite those in the area you might know, and come join us! :)