Gallabrae, 2017

Coming next month! The 12th annual Greenville, SC Highland Games, known as Gallabrae. They will be held Memorial Day Weekend, Friday evening and Sat. the 26th & 27th.
Come join the N/N clan where 4 of us will represent the Society that weekend. Since the games are only on Sat., you are free on Friday and Sunday to enjoy the area and its beautiful surroundings. Downtown Greenville is a special place to stroll, shop, and enjoy nature. The Reedy River runs right through the south end of town, and has a suspension bridge, open fields for playing games, and cascading water over large flat rocks. It’s a spectacular view with winding trails to stroll on.
Last year we held our AGM at these games and we had a huge turnout of N/N’s; we were celebrating our win of Best Clan Tent the previous year, so come join the fun with us! The tents are situated around the athletic field, so you can watch the events and socialize at the same time
Friday evening is the parade downtown; the N/N’s are not participating in this event this year, but do plan to view it. This is an incredible parade, and folks line the streets 2 and 3 deep to see it every year.
The officials and staff at Greenville are friendly and welcoming. Meeting fellow conveners is part of the fun, too! The military tribute is always awesome; the Games open Sat. at 8:30; opening ceremony is at 9:00 and military tribute is at 11:30. For more information, go to for details. Come join us!