DNA group 2

DNA group 2
Aug 2012 we have 27 members tested to this group

I believe this group is overrepresented as to number of members that have tested to this group as so many from PA have been tested

There is no reliable documentation that gives any connection to NN of Hardhill
All reliable sources with names of children of John the Martyr do not include among others Allan that is seen in the many publications that connect to Group2
Prefaces in publications are not correct and their son James was probably the only son that survived and married..the other 2 sons Alexander and Hugh probably died young or had no sons to carry on the name.
Son James had no children

In Scotish publications John had only 3 sons Alexander Hugh and oldest sons James. It is also said that some of his children died in the cave

In American versions he has 5 sons the above and also John and Allan

It has been said that Hugh Nisbet that immigrated from Ireland 1650ish was the son of John Nisbet the martyr---this Hugh could not be his son as his oldest son was James (named after his paternal grandfather as was the custom for the oldest son) born in 1667 so Hugh would have been born later than 1667 .

It is also said in the American publications that Murdoch fled to Ireland-where the Scotch publications say Germany where in found the Wycliff bible that he later translated. The last is much more believeable as Ireland was before this mostly Catholic and such a bible there would be very scarce.

Another thing that I have noticed about this group for many of the oldest known ancestors is the use of older bibical names: Moses, Abraham, Nathaniel, Issac etc. What this means I am not sure but these names are almost never found in Scotland which to leads me to think they came to Ireland from some other country than Scotland- Many went to PA where many Hugenots also went. Could they have been Hugenots that fled from France via Ireland??

All of DNA group 2 that are found in Scotland except one can be traced back to Ireland. The only one is a Robert Nisbet that was in Ayrshire in 1766 I expect he probably also came there from Ireland.

This DNA group I have also found the most confusing to research on, partially because of so many with same names, but mostly because of so many specultations published and later taken as to be true. They have managed to connect to John the Martyr, NN of Greenholm NN of Carphin and more with no documentation at all and many errors.

Blanche Hartman writes and DNA has proven it is impossible that this is correct
Of Hugh it is recorded in a religious history of the times “About the year 1680 there crossed over from Louden in Scotland to Killyleagh (County Down) in the north of Ireland, Hugh Nesbit, son of a certain Captain Nesbit (note it does not say John just Capt) much lauded for his skill at arms, he was kin to the Nesbits of Sorn (DNA3) and the Nesbits of Berwick, (DNA1) Allen, John, James, Alexander and Thomas some of whom crossed the seas about 1728 and settles in Penn’s Land” (DNA2?) (The supposedly descendents in USA also test to different DNA's)
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