Re: DNA no known matches NN Branches with unknown DNA

NN Branches with unknown DNA

oldest generations Dean Dirleton an Craigentinnie




Mersington and Lambden

Garngrew and Waterhead
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Re: DNA no matches 4 different results John & Sarah Brevard

Four DNA tests gave four different results
So we know there are many errors in publications and research of this line
These lines also have claimed John the Martyr

1. is Alexander at Sea which did not match any of the others is not mentioned in the will so does not belong to this branch but does belong to DNA group 3

2. is decendents of Albert Layfayette Nesbit whose mother is Mary Nisbet who supposedly according to Nisbets narrations married her cousin Josiah who was reported to have died in California looking for Gold. with help of Adam and Jeff we know that Josiah married ________Nell.and not Mary..They were married in Tirzah Church.. This story was no doubt made up to cover up a illegitimate child. Albert states his father was Richard on his marriage certificate and his mother as Mary. He is living with his grandmother
Mary belongs to Alexander at sea so the ancestry is still a Nisbet. I have labeled this group DNA3b

3 John Nesbett x Nancy Cook Baldwin
I have added a chart for this branch see below quite possibly not of the Nesbitt/Brevard branch

4 The last one i have not checked as of yet.
a3 NN not Brevard_ John N Nancy Cook Baldwin_pub.pdf
John N Nancy Cook Baldwin
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