Re: NN's that have assumed other surnames DOYLE

Will of Mathew “Mhaol” Nesbitt Derrycane dated 14 Oct 1812 codicil dated 3 Nov 1821

To Anne Doyle spinster daughter of James Doyle of Drumod miller he gives the sum of £100 and an annuity of £30

Codicil---to Anne Doyle in lieu or instead of the within mentioned legacies the entire lands of Clonboynagh within mentioned (114 acres in bog) and to her 5 children Anne Susan Alexander John and Mathew (who are to be called by the surname of Doyle) to be shared equally among them

( Anne Doyle was his mistress.) The Cloonbony lands given to Anne Doyle and family are in Jan 1910 the subject of a court hearing in Carrick on Shannon

I don't know if these kept the name of Doyle or later took name of Nesbitt

Re: NN's that have assumed other surnames AGATHOIN

This I found on the internet

George Wood Nisbet alias Dion George Agathoin 1856-1920
Dion George Agathoin was born in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario in 1856, the son of John Wood Nisbet and his wife Elizabeth. He came to the United States after his mother's death in 1873. All that I know about him during the next years is that 1) he was married and his wife died,and 2) he changed his name from George Wood Nisbet to Dion George Agathoin

Re: NN's that have assumed other surnames DIGMA

Osman Digna really a Scotchman name George Nisbet
(see below attachment for pictures and more about this man)

A newpaper clipping got my attention and I then had to find more about this man

His ancestor is possibly Joseph Nisbet bap. in Glasgow 19 Aug 1810 son of bookbinder William Nisbet and Margaret Lyon (this is the only one I can find that fits but as there are many not found in the registers more research would be necessary to confirm this)

Osman Digna finally met a situation from which he couldn’t escape. On 19 January 1900 he was captured near Tokar and sent as a prisoner to Rosetta (el-Rashid). Wikipedia tells us that was imprisoned for eight years and after his release remained in Egypt until his death in 1926
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Osman Digna really a Scotchman name George Nisbet
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