Re: others that have taken NN as surname SCOTT

JOHN SCOTT NISBET called 2nd son succeeded in the estate of Craigintinnie chr15 May 1729 +31 Dec 1764 married 21 Dec 1756 Margaret +2 Nov 1828, age 88 dau of Chambres Lewis, collector of customs, Leith. He was the last Nisbet of Craigintinnie, and in 1762 he sold the lands to William Miller. Some of his children used the name of Nisbet-unknown if any changed back to Scott.

he was the son of
CHRISTIAN Nisbet chr 15 Sep 1692 married Sir John Scott of Ancrum

and she was the daughter of
WILLIAM Nisbet of Dirleton chr Aug 1666 + Oct 1724
married 29 Mar 1688, Jean Bennett ++15 Mar 1710
dau of Sir William Bennett & Christian Morrison

There was a clausal made by WILLIAM Nisbet of Dirleton that if any of his daughter's children inherited the property had to take the name of Nisbet in order to get the property

Re: others that have taken NN as surname DOWNING and BEAUMON

John Downing born 2nd Dec. 1768 took the additional name of Nesbitt to inherit an estate from his uncle, Gifford Nesbitt who died in 1773

Edward John Beaumont who took the additional name of Nesbitt. Edward John Beaumont-Nesbitt born in 1860 was the great grandson of Medici Dawson nee Downing and Medici was the sister of John Downing who had taken the additional name of Nesbitt back in the late 1700's to inherit from his uncle Gifford Nesbitt