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In 2003, Tom Nesbitt started the DNA project for N/N Society members and others who want to use this new scientific tool to help trace their Nesbitt-Nisbet line and ancestors. We are using Family Tree DNA who work with the University of Arizona, which does the actual testing. The test is a simple saliva test and is done in your home with a kit that is mailed to you. You will receive DNA coding results along with our current DNA administrator, Jean Skar.

Key results so far are that most people belong to one of three groups:

  • Group 1: closely related to the Clan Chief, originating in the lands of East and West Nisbet, Berwickshire in the 12th century. Includes several project members of the Dirleton line, proving that this is descended from the Chief's line.
  • Group 2: A large group that arrived in New Jersey in the 1680s and migrated through Philadephia in the 18th century. Possibly the Greenholme line, reaching North America through Ireland. Tom Nisbet has a huge amount of data on this extended family.
  • Group 3: Includes some families originating in Ayrshire, and others with a long history in England.

If you are interested in learning more about the DNA Project or participating, please contact Jean at dnacoordinator@ibydeit.org or visit the Nesbitt/Nisbet Family Tree DNA Profile.

For assistance with ordering the DNA test, please download the YDNA Instructions.

Our DNA Coordinator - Jean Skar

Jean Skar

Jean Skar is the Society's current DNA Program Coordinator. Born in the United States, but raised in Canada, Jean currently resides in Norway. Her interest in genealogy stems from her diverse background, which includes roots going back to Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, Denmark, and France. Jean found her link to the Nesbitt/Nisbet Society through her mother, whose maiden name was Nisbet. Jean's grandfather, James, was born in Scotland in 1899 and immigrated when he was young with his parents, a brother, and two sisters to Alberta.

Jean started her genealogical research with her own family, and began working backward. She has used the International Genealogical Index, the National Archives of Scotland, the Scottish Genealogy Society, studied books and microfilm at libraries in Scotland, performed online research, and integrated information from a vast amount of public records. Jean's research often incorporates travel, as she visited Glasgow and Edinburgh while searching the original documents in Scotland, including Sasines, deeds, the census, vital records, and wills. In addition to her duties with the Society, Jean also runs a separate website for her research at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nisbet/.

Jean is retired, with two daughters and five grandchildren. She says her hobbies are "Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy." She can be reached at dnacoordinator@ibydeit.org.