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Canadian Region

Canadian Highland Games 2024

By Kate Young, Canadian Regional Representative

Sunday, April 14, 2024


Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Water Valley June 15 Water Valley Traditional Celtic Folk Festival https://www.watervalleycelticfestival.org/
Red Deer June 22 Red Deer Highland Games https://www.reddeerhighlandgames.com/
Edmonton June 23 Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Games https://www.edmontonscottishsociety.org/
Sherwood Park July 20, 21 Sherwood Park Highland Gathering https://www.sphg.ca/
Sedgewick August 24 Gathering of the Clans and Highland Festival https://www.flagstaffscottishclub.com/
Canmore Aug 31, Sep 1 Canmore Highland Games https://www.canmorehighlandgames.ca/

British Columbia

Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Victoria May 18, 19 Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival https://www.victoriahighlandgames.com/
Coquitlam June 14, 15 BC Highland Games https://www.scotfestbc.com/
Penticton July 5, 6 Penticton Scottish Festival https://www.pentictonscottishfestival.ca/
Kamloops July 13 Kamloops Highland Games https://www.kamloopshighlandgames.org/


Location Event Date(s) Description Website
East Selkirk June 22, 23 Manitoba Highland Gathering https://www.manitobahighlandgathering.org/

New Brunswick

Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Perth-Andover June 6 – 9 Gathering of the Scots https://www.gatheringofthescots.com/
Moncton June 11 – 15 Greater Moncton Highland Games & Scottish Festival https://www.monctonhighlandgames.com/
Fredericton July 26 – 28 New Brunswick Highland Games and Festival https://www.highlandgames.ca/

Nova Scotia

Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Halifax April 17 – 21 Halifax Celtic Festival https://www.hfxcelticfest.ca/
Pugwash July 1 Gathering of the Clans https://www.pugwashvillage.com/festivals-and-events/gathering-of-the-clans
Antigonish July 7 – 14 Antigonish Highland Games https://www.antigonishhighlandgames.ca/
Cape Breton Oct 11 – 19 Celtic Colours International Festival https://www.celtic-colours.com/


Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Georgetown June 8 Georgetown Highland Game https://www.georgetownhighlandgames.com/
Port Hope June 14, 15 Northumberland Scottish Festival and Highland Games https://www.northumberlandhighlandgames.ca/
Kingsville June 22 Kingsville Highland Games https://www.kingsvillehighlandgames.ca/
Embro July 1 Embro Highland Games https://www.zorracaledoniansociety.ca/embro-highland-games/
Almonte July 5 – 7 Almonte Celtfest https://www.almonteceltfest.com/
Kincardine July 5 – 7 Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games https://www.kincardinescottishfestival.ca/
Cambridge July 19, 20 Cambridge Scottish Festival https://www.cambridgescottishfestival.ca/
Orillia July 19 – 21 Orillia Scottish Festival https://www.scottishfestival.ca/
Uxbridge July 27 Uxbridge Scottish Festival https://www.uxbridgescottishfestival.com/
Ailsa Craig July 27 Ailsa Craig Highland Games https://www.northmiddlesex.on.ca/events/ailsa-craig-150th-anniversary
Maxville Aug 2, 3 Glengarry Highland Games & Tartan Ball https://www.glengarryhighlandgames.com/
Fergus Aug 9 – 11 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games https://www.fergusscottishfestival.com/
Goderich Aug 9 – 11 Goderich Celtic Roots Festival https://www.celticfestival.ca/
Ottawa TBA National Capital Highland Games https://www.nationalcapitalhighlandgames.com/


Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Montreal Aug 4 Montreal Highland Games https://www.montrealhighlandgames.com/
St. Malachie Aug 16, 17 Festival Celtes et Cie de Saint-Malachie https://www.festivalceltessaintmalachie.com/
Quebec City Sept 6 – 8 Festival Celtique de Quebec https://www.festival-celtique.com/


Location Event Date(s) Description Website
Regina May 18 Saskatchewan Highland Gathering & Celtic Festival http://www.saskhighland.ca/