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Newsletter Articles Needed

By Edward (Ed) Nisbet, Secretary

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Greeting Members,
You have seen recent articles in our newsletter that we now have a new Content Editor, Susan Reyes, and Production Editor, Donnita Fisher, for our "I Bydeit Times". We are excited to have them working together to provide our newsletter. However, let me remind you that the Editors are not the only persons who can research, write and submit articles. In fact, we encourage all members to submit articles. If you need help, contact them for assistance. The articles don't have to be long, detailed compositions. We all have N/N family stories that would be interesting to all members. Maybe there is a N/N historical location near you of interest. Check out its history and write an article. Or maybe share grandma Nesbitt's famous biscuit recipe (better ask her first).
The deadline for the summer edition is May 15 for your first draft.
Send your article to our new Content Editor, Susan Reyes, at I hope to see your N/N family story in an upcoming Newsletter.

Ed Nisbet, Secretary

Membership Renewal Options

By Edward (Ed) Nisbet, Secretary

Friday, June 19, 2020

Hi Members, Just a reminder that when you are ready to renew your membership, we have recently added more options for you than just the single year renewal. So, consider showing your support for the Society by using one of the following options: a) 5-year; discounted to $100 b)10-year; discounted to $175 c) auto-renewal; set it and forget it, your renewal and payment are automatic Let me hear from you if you need more information Click Here . Ed Nisbet, Secretary